Aircraft Recovery

Aerospec is the Recovery resource that knowledgeable, discerning aircraft owners and professionals trust.

There are few challenges in this world as logistically demanding as aircraft recovery. Aerospec focuses on Recovery first in a comprehensive overview, then on the specific service(s) necessary to each, unique Recovery process. At Aerospec, there is never room for compromise—only uncompromising service.

  • Seamless Site Security & Management 
  • Strictest CONFIDENTIALITY Regarding Personal Interests  
  • Transportation of Your Passengers & Property 
  • Damaged Aircraft:
    • Relocation 
    • Aircraft & Property Storage
    • Minimized Post-Accident Damage / Elimination of Additional Repairs
    • Reconstruction & Repair
  • Fuel Disposal, Site Remediation & Accident Site Construction To, (or) Beyond, EPA Standards 
  • Complete On-Site Support & Fabrication—Rigging, Jigs, Transportation Fixtures, etc.
  • Insurance Claims Assistance
  • Uncompromising Risk Management
Aerospec Recovery
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