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  • Counter-UAV System Manufacturers Frustrated With Airports’ InactionFollowing the drone sightings that shut down London Gatwick Airport in December 2018, manufacturers of equipment to counter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) said the technology is available and expressed frustration that airports and authorities are not being more proactive in meeting the threat. read more
  • EASA Concentrates On Safety Management, Simplifying Some Regulations In 2019 Henry Canaday EASA will be focusing on a number of topics related to maintaining aircraft, or continuing airworthiness, during 2019. It has set a series of tasks that are different steps in the rulemaking process, and not all steps are proposals for a rule amendments yet, notes Eugenia Díaz Alcázar, manager of airworthiness standards and implementation. read more
  • GOL Plans To Offer Third-Party Maintenance Services Starting 2020 Lee Ann Shay CANCUN—GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes is in the process of setting up its maintenance division as GOL MRO to start offering its services to external customers. Its first offering to third-parties will be Boeing 737 maintenance starting in 2020, said Carlos Alberto Costa, GOL MRO’s maintenance director, who spoke at Aviation Week’s MRO Latin America event on Jan. 16
  • SpaceX Scales Back Workforce 10%With Falcon 9 finished, SpaceX looks to broadband satellite and Mars ship development with a leaner workforce. read more